Texas license plate lookup

In 2006, to comtx-texas-license-plate-numbermemorate the 2006 Commonwealth Games being held in Melbourne, VicRoads offered a limited edition of 1,000 series of plates in the format M06-nnn. These had the slogan Melbourne 2006 and featured a red-tailed black cockatoo (the official mascot of the 2006 Commonwealth Games). The proceeds were donated to the Department of Sustainability to raise funds to preserve this bird. All official vehicles actually used in the Commonwealth Games were supplied by Toyota Australia and used general issue XAA-nnn plates. The following year, VicRoads issued a similar limited edition Penny the Penguin series in the format M07-nnn, to commemorate the 2007 FINA Swimming World Cup. In 2008, AFL Premiership plates were released. The Hawthorn Football Club won the premiership in that year and hence the registration plate format was HH-08-aa (HH for Hawthorn Hawks, and 08 designating the year they won the premiership). The customer was able to choose the last two characters. The plate was brown on reflective white and featured a watermark of the club’s logo in the centre of the plate.
Recently some prestige plates have been issued, which consist of four numbers or two groups of three numbers. Plates using the format B-nnnnn has been released for vehicles registered in Bendigo (B-0001 to B-4999) and Ballarat (B-5001 to B-9999). These have a customised insert of their town, and are usually blue lettering on a reflective yellow background; slogans vary. Since 1993, those also registered to horse studs across Victoria can reserve a V-nnnn series, usually brown lettering on a yellow background and stating Victorian Thoroughbred as a slogan. Others are designed after football teams, and a limited edition Grand Prix series (GP-001 to GP-999) was authorized when Melbourne first hosted the Australian Grand Prix in 1996. Slimline editions of these plates have also been produced.
In July 2014, the old general issue Garden State and On the Move slogans have been reintroduced as a “Retro” option. The plates come in green for “Victoria – Garden State” starting from AAA-000 to FZZ-999, plus RAA-000 to RBZ-999, and Victoria – On the Move in blue on reflective white bases starting from NAA-000 to QDZ-999. These are produced in screen-printed slogans (rather than embossed when they were originally issued) and all features are only be an approximate of the original dies. Please feel free to check Texas license plate lookup resource to get more information on the topic.